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"Wow! I wish every site had this sort of terrific service. I found exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much.". ~ Mari, Washington, DC

"Great service. It's like being at the Visitor Center. Thank you!"
"Thank you Alex. This is a great tool for the Chamber to have". ~ Anonymous, Middleton, WI
"this is a very neat and unexpected resource. I was totally surprised and impressed that the Chamber had chat". ~ Jon - Springdale, AK

"Didn't know this service existed - very helpful!!!"
"What a fantastic system. I was getting a bit lost on the website & not able to find what I was looking for. The chat pop up came on my screen & Ashley was extremely helpful & polite... This has saved me quite a long time sifting through the web. THANK YOU" ~ Tabby - Springdale, AK
"The chat feature is great! Makes us proud of our membership" . ~ Theresa - Colcord, OK

"I was very impressed. Made my travel plans easier to make and we can't wait to visit the area."
"Quick and efficient". ~ Karen - Atlanta, GA
""Thanks for adding some sunshine warm to my day! You were awesome and responded so quick. This is a great service!!"". ~ Thomas - Syracuse, NY

"Ashley was extremely helpful and went above and beyond to assist me with my questions. I really appreciate her help and look forward to visiting Sanibel!"
"Erik was Great and I love the live chat. its so nice and professional. He wasn't like a brick wall, he was nice and cared about what i was saying."

"Excellent!! what a nice surprise that Ashley 'saw' me online and asked if i needed help and started the chat. Great service and unexpected nice surprise to be contacted! thank you!!"

What is a "Proactive Chat"?

The "Proactive Chat" Service we provide is the practice of inviting your visitors to engage in chat, rather than waiting to see if they will click on your live chat button.

With proactive chats, we are able to target a website visitor and then, using visual queues and coordinated sound effects, deliberately invite your visitors to engage in a live chat interaction with our professional Live Chat Team.

Proactive engagement of website visitors is proven to drive sales and increase satisfaction. In our own proprietary research, we found that more than 50% of online visitors find proactive invitations helpful.

Proactive chats are included in our LivePlus, LiveChoice, and LiveElie live chat plans.


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"...Live Chat technology has one of the HIGHEST conversion rates among all channels.